11-14 years

The basic goal at this level is to encourage participation in variety of exercises where you can create a positive transfer of motor habit’s and progressively increase the extensity and intensity of training. We continue process improvement and automation of previously learned technical and tactical elements of the more complex exercise and we emphasize sports ethics and fair play during training and competition (games). Young players in this age group (a period from 10-12 years), reach the time when there are optimal conditions for the development of maximum speed, acceleration, explosive strength and coordination skills. Also they will meet with the lighter forms of anaerobic workouts.

• Assessment (i.e. speed test, 5, 10, 20m, shuttle run test, RAST running test), specific basketball evaluation(ball control, passing ability, movement without ball, jumping, defensive positioning, etc) (Every Player will have Player profile).

• Movement skills: Speed (running technique all directions) , Strength (Body weight), Refine coordination, agility, balance, jumping and landing, Endurance.

• Basketball skills:

1. Ball handling (1, 2 or even 3 basketball balls stationary), develop and refine.

2. Movement while dribbling (First step (Cross-Open), change of the rhythm and change of direction, Fake move (jab step), retreat, jump stop, Pivot, stride stop, dribbling with 2 bballs, all exchanges (cross, between the legs, behind the back, spin move etc. with cross step and shoulder protection), develop and refine.

3. Passing the ball - (one hand shoulder pass (left, right), dribble and pass (left, right), baseball pass(left, right), two hands pass(with Fake move, combine).

4. Catching the ball - (during the movement, different angles and directions, One and Two contact Stop, increasing distance), Getting open, catching the ball after the shoot, collecting the ball for the floor, Pivot.

5. Shooting (Lay-up technique after fast break, catch and shoot of a dribble, shoot after dribble with one contact stop, two contact stop, Pivot), shoot and lay-up with defender (making the proper reads), Fake shoot (First step), BEEF (balance, elbow, eyes, follow trough)shooting concept, free throw shooting routine, expend shooting repertoire, refine.

6. Defensive - (Moving in defense stance), Open and closed stance, sliding, On and Off ball defense, Develop deny, help, rotate, recovery, Introduce Def. transition, handicap, rebounding(box out, safeties, recovery, Concept(perimeter and post).

7. Tactic (Group) - Transition Offence (Fast Break-Concept of lanes and outlets), Position Offence (Give and Go, Cuts(L-cut, V-cut, Back-cut, Front-cut, I-cut, Playing without ball, etc), penetration, ball movement, Fast Break Defense(Rules) and Position Offence Defense(Rules).

8. Game (Developing 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3, skills), squaring to the hoop, read and react.

Our academy basketball program contains all the important elements in players development and training:



Development of body endurance 



Team work

Basketball practices in 3rd term

January 4th
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