7-10 YEARS

The basic goal at this level is to learn fundamental movement (Athletic) skills trough basketball in a positive fun way. It is not to win, but rather to have fun while playing basketball. Providing basic athletic skills will build a base for the child that will enable him or her to develop to their full physical potential in later years. The main feature (Mini-basket) of the training of technical and tactical elements must be versatile techniques in all positions in the game. With respect to didactic aspects, it is necessary to reinforce the positive in relation to children and encourage discipline in behavior.

• Assessment (i.e. speed test, 5, 10, 20m) (Every Player will have Player profile). 

• Movement skills: Coordination, Agility, Running, Jumping (Athletic and Gymnastic drills) should cover at least 50% of every session, change of direction, stopping of motion (short duration, anaerobic activities). 

• Basketball skills: 1. Ready position (holding the ball). 2. Triple treat stance. 3. Stationary dribbling (Ball control), low, high, wide. 4. Movement while dribbling, start and stop (Protecting the ball), change of direction, height, jump stop, two contact stop. 5. Passing the ball (stationary, moving), long pass - Catching the ball (absorbing, on the move), Pivoting. 6. Shooting position(squaring feet, follow trough) – Lay-up(with progression). 7. Defensive position (Basic stance, on ball, of ball), face to face defense (adjust speed). 8. Game (1 on 1 offense and defense, transition-fast break and defense), spacing.

Our academy basketball program contains all the important elements in players development and training:



Development of body endurance 



Team work

Basketball practices in 3rd term

January 4th
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