Preparation for NCAA

This is the new section on our list of regular activities which is growing and will become more and more active in upcoming period. Our Academy can help players who wish to engage in professional basketball at Universities in USA. We have a great network of connections in sports industry and we are already implementing this program in full scale. We are unique specialized Academy in United Arab Emirates who can provide this services to ambitious and professional young athletes with the goal to play basketball abroad. 3 regular members of Basicball Academy are already engaged in this program and as a result they became full members of the Youth National Team for their countries: Kevin Podpecan (Slovenia - Europe), Maksim Nelepa (Macedonia - Europe), Frederick Christiansen (Denmark - Europe).

Our academy basketball program contains all the important elements in players development and training:



Development of body endurance 



Team work

Basketball practices in 3rd term

January 4th
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