Based on the experience of Zoran Savic.

Founded by the legendary basketball player Zoran Savic, who has won 21 national and international finals out of 23 played throughout his unreachable career, setting an all-time record for winning percentage in professional sports with the 91.3%, BASICBALL Academy is much more than a sports school. 

The idea of at the basis of BASICBALL Academy was to create a perfect mix between making the experience of sports at the highest level, learning on the field working with qualified and selected European coaches and instructors, and also meeting the greatest champions coming from the Euroleague and the NBA. 

The company behind all of this was modeled precisely according to this idea, with Zoran Savic at the head â€“ he wasn’t only one of the greatest European players all-time, but also one of the most respected General Manager in Europe, and then a professional FIBA Agent, constantly increasing the network of relationships he developed over the years worldwide. 

Thus, the Sports Area Director Dejan Kamenjasevic, who coached the senior team in the first official meeting in Dubai in August, the Business Development Manager Miso Pancetovic and the Communications Director Michele Forino will assist him to guide BASICBALL Academy with the purpose to become a model for the international sports schools at the highest level, leading a staff of qualified collaborators, coaches and istructors.